Legend holds that if doves appear on your wedding day, a happy home shall prevail. Doves mate for life, and, for centuries, have symbolized peace, love and fidelity. A ceremonial white dove release provides an exceptionally unique and truly beautiful celebration of your vows.

Funeral Doves

A single white dove represents the soul or spirit of the loved one who has passed on. As the spirit dove is released into the sky it peacefully, and elegantly symbolizes the final farewell as it journeys home to the final resting place. A flock of three white doves, symbolizing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, or a flock of angel doves can follow the release of the spirit dove. The spirit dove will join the trinity of doves or the angel doves as they circle the skies above, and all will continue the journey home together.

Memorial Doves

Pope with Doves


Doves in a Basket

At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom join together, and each releases one of a mated pair of pure white doves, either by hand or from elegant baskets. As the doves ascend into the sky, they join together and fly home in a symbolic tribute to new love and life as one. 

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